Hello there!

This is Gerald Carvalho, I’m a San Francisco based Wedding & Lifestyle photographer, presently serving the Bay area and beyond. I discovered a passion for design, majored in it, and made it my career – as a User Experience designer for the past 10 years.

My passion for pictures
My love for photography started off as a hobby. Something I played around with when I wasn’t designing. But soon, click after click, I realized I’d found my true calling. And since I’d majored in design, I understood the nuances of color, light and how to bring a picture to life through creative compositions.

This helped me create my unique style that I’d like to define as clean, contemporary, creative and edgy.

My passion for life
I’m happy by nature and come from a very close-knit family, which is one of the reasons I enjoy photographing weddings. They give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Because every one of these once-in-a-lifetime events come loaded with love, happiness, dreams and all those positive vibes that only weddings can bring.

And even though I’ve covered quite a few of these occasions, I am in awe every time. Especially when I come across wedding photos of grandparents and parents of the newlyweds displayed at their homes. It makes me realize that every moment I capture in time will also be seen, shown and cherished for generations to come. More than anything, knowing this fills me with pride and honor and inspires me to do the best I can, time after time.

Things I like
Hefeweizen, Cosmopolitan, Guacamole, Biryani, Bachata, Monchy Y Alexandra, Illayaraja, Chopped, Anthony Bourdain, Ducatis, long drives and fishing.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I hope you enjoy my work!

Photo Courtesy Sam Hassas