This is an EXCITING post for me and here’s how it all happened. One fine morning I receive a call from Angela asking if I was available for an E-Session in the coming week. As they were getting married in a couple weeks on 12.12.12 at the beautiful Costa Rica. Fortunately my calendar was open and I readily agreed. The next week I show up in person only to find it was the gorgeous Angela Sparrow – former Miss Illinois USA 2011 and her handsome fianc√© Justin Rakestraw a young entrepreneur. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I had to double confirm with them again :). If I’d say the pressure wasn’t on, I am lying big time here! Surprisingly the couple was super down to earth and friendly and made the experience such a pleasure and memorable. Hoping they felt likewise :).

Now on to their photos and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Also here’s their SLIDESHOW!


We started off at a Starbucks as that’s where they’d first met!


Since Angela’s zodiac was Leo, Justin wanted to grab a few shots near the Lion sculpture at the Chicago Art Institute :). They also came up with a cute theme of him checking her out and they slowly hitting it off from there. I tried my best to achieve their vision and hope I made justice, though Justin ended up rushing from looks to kiss in a few minutes LOL! We can only wish if real life was the same for everyone haha.

Our final stop was the 31st Street Beach, and there couldn’t have¬† been a better way of ending this session! Chicago’s light was new to me and the sun bid us goodbye sooner than I’d anticipated. I took this to my advantage and played around with my lights. We shot these almost when it was pitch dark, dragging shutter for longer than usual!


The Chi-town’s skyline is one of the most beautiful thing ever and one could spend hours staring at it. Especially for a newbie like me!

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