Another Chicago E-Session I couldn’t wait to share! Meet the super sweet couple Emily & Cody. They were my first clients to my Chicago market so I owe them big time for getting me started here, they were also my first friends I’d say in the beautiful Chi-town :) Since our very first Skype conversation we happened to get along right away. We waited patiently for the fall season to kick in and also when we’d brainstormed ideas for E-Session we decided to make it very personable. So my next question was what’s that they enjoyed the most doing together, and they’d mentioned they LOVE spending a lot of time together with their pet Tortoises and Snakes. At first they thought they were just pulling my legs, until the day of the shoot LOL! I always grew up pets and I couldn’t be a better atmosphere for me on top of the looks of this gorgeous couple. I mostly don’t shoot a completely E-Session indoors but after looking at their house, there was so much to play with here and it felt like a styled set. Also lesser the commute the more advantage we had to put our time to the best of use!

We started off with their cute little “Russian turtles Penny & Phylis”!




Loved the hint of green everywhere!




If Chi town wasn’t cold enough for the gear I decided to throw my camera into the refrigerator!



These guys were so much in love, it that wasn’t obvious!




Details, details…I felt like a kid in a candy store :). Cody is into organic Chemisty, my eyes opened wide when I heard that because I had a phobia towards this subject when in high school! Their shelves were loaded with Biology and Chemistry books, jeezzz LOL.



After the turtles decided to take some rest, out came the snakes. Meet “Tango the bally python” and “Little one the Okotee corn snake”. I underestimated the power and speed of this beast by its size. These guys are pure muscle and their tongue flick is lightning fast. It took some 15 shots to get one successful freeze :), the human reflex or the shutter speed were no close to comparison! Their colors and textures were amazing to take a close look at!





On the left is an “Animal Encyclopedia” which Emily’s gift to Cody, what better gift could she find him!  On the extreme right is the traditional “Textile print blocks” :) their friends had gifted them. As I said details everywhere!




Boo and Bear are their pet names, how cool!





Finally we decided to head out to get some outdoor shots during the golden hour.




Fall it is, can’t go wrong with those colors!







That was one UNIQUE engagement ring I’ve ever seen, so I’d decided to find one of a kind stand to place and capture it. Thank you buddy for staying stable during my challenging macro focus!



Last but not the least, here’s their Slideshow!

Emily + Cody // eSession from Gerald Carvalho on Vimeo.

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