Melinda & Frank were a fun, sweet and a laid back couple. They were sent my way by their cousin Christine & Eric, whose wedding I’d shot the season before, thanks guys for introducing me to more of your family :). These guys are originally from Los Angeles, however they are a huge fan of San Francisco, who wouldn’t be! Hence they wanted the SF city as the backdrop for their E-session. Also being die hard fans of the SF Giants, they wanted to start at the AT&T ball park. You can’t go wrong with the palm trees and the brick walls here. We strolled around the neighborhood and wrapped our session amidst the Cable cars at the Embarcadero! Can’t wait to blog your wedding guys and thanks again for trusting me!

This roller skater randomly showed up, so we requested him to skate through one more time for us :)

Had this umbrella in my trunk for a while and was looking for that ideal location to let it fly, and these red bricks were just perfect! Thanks to Amr Abdallah our stellar assistant who launched it  in the air perfectly, well after a couple of attempts LOL :) Appreciate all your help my friend!


Who said trash cans suck?

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