My excitement and amazement factor has not dropped a bit since the day I met with Whitney + Ryan! Their STUNNING looks, high energy, down to earth attitude and the list goes on…., made me go numb. She’s a teacher and he’s a Cop how KEWLer can it get. Their importance & appreciation given to photography kept me on my toes and I on my end aimed to take this session to the next level. After every session, on my drive back I reflect on the shoot and “I always feel I could’ve still did better”, as I am pretty hard on me. This time I didn’t feel shy to appreciate myself and for the first time felt I GAVE IT MY BEST, though I try doing that at every session. I know I shouldn’t be partial here, but this was by far my BEST EVER. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did and would LOVE to hear your comments, as always!

Checkout their SLIDESHOW here!

Whitney and I were debating between Baker’s beach and Fort Point for GG bridge view, and finally opted for Fort Point. Both regretted and can’t be happier with this choice, when I scouted the day before the weather was like heaven, on the day of the shoot, it got WINDY as hell and was FREEZING cold. W + R were SUPER TROOPERS, they didn’t mind anything though they had watery eyes cause of the crazy wind and were freezing but they still kept a mellow smile and a conversation going, gotta appreciate that! Sorry guys, I hope the pictures made justice to that killa sacrifice! The wind came in all directions and we had to position Whitney facing the wind every now and then so her hair wasn’t messed up for the shots…WOW! My hands were so numb I could hardly feel my hands when I changed lenses LOL.


  1. Dayna McEachern 19.01.2012

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  2. Barb Yasuhara 19.01.2012

    I LOVED this one, so cool to see evening eshoots!


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