It’s been ages I ever took out my camera to do a fun project, which I enjoyed a lot when I got into photography. Fortunately I finally had an opportunity to hang out with my good friend Nick Ebby and his future Mother in law, who shared the same passion for Photography. So decided to get a break and head out to the Chicago Cultural Center and capture the Dome! Thanks my friend, that was fun and can’t wait to do this again :).

I’ve always had a great respect for the Tilt Shift lenses, especially due to it’s sophistication. Recently I’d read e-book on Tilt-Shift by Darwin from Opoomoo, and had the awe moment understanding the complete capability of this lens. He breaks it down so well and it’s easy to finally try understanding this monster. I am not a reader at all and have short attention span with books, but for the first time I read a 60 page book cover to cover in a couple of hours :). Thanks for the inspiration and contribution to the photography community, greatly appreciate it Darwin & team, you guys are awesome!

These images though look like regular photos, each of this photo is comprised of 3 shots each stitched using PS Photomerge to create monster resolution images. I’d shot these using Canon 45mm TS F2.8.

Not sure if I’ve done justice to Architecture Photography or to Darwin’s teachings, but this is just my first baby step in experimenting with the panoramic capability with a TSe lens using the shift feature. Loads more to come with tilting & combinations of both tilt and shift experiments!

P.S. THe images I’ve posted here are just the low res. version. Feel free to DOWNLOAD & use these monster resolution images from Dropbox, for personal use only!

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