Today on our blogpost is Angelique + Tej’s Wedding, which I’d recently shot in Atlanta, GA. Tej is good friend of mine and knew him for the past 4years, when we collaborated on a Web project. It’s around the same time when I’d started my Wedding Photography business as well. So once on a casual chat I told him about my new business and if at all he gets married! I would love to photograph his wedding. I was surprised when he pinged me after this long, early this year and reminded me of our promise and if I was still willing to photograph his wedding. Of course I said YES, and was excited to shoot my first Destination Wedding as well! Atlanta is near and dear to my heart as it was the first Port of Entry when I entered this country 7years ago, so it had some personal memories to me. I kept smiling throughout the air port and my drive around the city! I was humbled and honored on the trust both him and Angelique had on me to document their special day. That’s the first time I am meeting Tej in person as well, we’ve always been remote friends LOL!

Their day was amazing and Angelique + Tej made a great pair and rocked the day, surrounded by their close knit family and friends. I’ve shot in dark venues before and it was probably for the ceremony only, but this place was exceptionally dark and I shot here all day in the same lighting, which was quite a bit of a challenge and my off-camera lighting put to extreme test! Thanks to my day before scouting, and my amazing assistant with Amanda Summerlin. Your help is greatly appreciated my friend, and this wouldn’t have been a successful session without you. The entire day was solely lit by my off-camera lighting only, thanks to my 580 Ex II’s and PW’s which kept firing all day consistently.

Since I’d didn’t want to carry all my lighting equipment I’d rented some of my gear locally with Aperturent, great guys, spot on gear and amazing customer service, highly recommend them if you plan to rent equipment around that area.

Now without further delay, enjoy their pictures and Thanks for stopping by!!

We did a mini after-shoot something more westernized and casual in an outdoor location at Autrey Mills Nature Center, and YES it’s still the same wedding and couple LOL! Again thanks to Amanda for recommending this park to me, its one amazing location to photograph, we just hiked 5 mins into this trail to capture this awesomeness. Further we hike this place is a photographers paradise, bridges, woods, greenery, what not.


  1. Barb Yasuhara 19.01.2012

    DUDE!! Congrats on the new look and feel of your brand!! Looking good and THIS wedding really ROCKED!!!! Felicidades! ! You have to blog about how well you and Stella can BACHATA!!!

    • Gerald Carvalho 20.01.2012

      Thanks again Barb! It sure did rock my off camera skills were tested to its max all day lol :) BACHATA….would love to, but my latin & latin dance skills are so rusty now, hips ain’t popping any more haha :)

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