I’ve been pretty rusty with my blogging for a while. So I finally decided to ramp up before I get too buried up with the new season! So here we go with Christine & Eric’s wedding, my last wedding for 2012 couldn’t have been more beautiful. This is the third time in a row I am photographing at the Marines Memorial Club. This venue has so much personality to itself and every time you photograph here I discover new photo opps and it only gets better. Christine & Eric were very sweet peeps, especially Eric is a man of few words but sometimes his jokes cracks me up when it really strikes, the cool part is that he does that that with a very straight face LOL :) These guys were huge fans of the city so we drove around prior to the ceremony for the portraits and glad we did that as it rained out end of day.

That being said, this is my last blog post from the bay area so it’s being blogged right now from 29,000ft altitude. My next blog post would be from the the beautiful city of Chicago. I’d be blogging soon about my relocation, why, where and what am I upto in Chi town. Hope you guys enjoy this wedding and as always would LOVE to hear your comments!

Forget not to checkout their Slideshow :)


Our first pit stop was the Nob Hill!

And our second  stop was the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts!


Someone felt that the ceremony was already too LONG hahaha….


That piece of meat right there (bottom right) is the most tender thing I’ve ever had, to be more precise we didn’t a knives nor or teeth. It’s just melted away :)


Time for some goofiness prior to wrapping up. My FAV crew ever, hands down! These guys have always been there for me and I owe them big time for that :) Thanks a ton Jason Chan & Indu Huynh for everything!!


  1. Christine Lanyon 08.08.2012

    I have one word for you Gerald….. HAPPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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