Shot for Nichanh Nicole Photography

Early last season I had the pleasure of second shooting for my friend photographer Nichanh Nicole at Rachel & Nicholas’s wedding! The wedding was at the beautiful Palm event center, surrounded by the palm trees and vineyards. Rachel & Nicholas were a very cute pair and had a FUN wedding surrounded by beloved friends and family.

Thanks for having me guys, appreciate the opportunity again Nichanh! Hope you’ll enjoy the photos and happy week ahead.

Spent a LONG WHILE¬† with the men, if the pictures doesn’t convey that…these guys were super friendly and hilarious, or may be it’s the wine :)

I HAD to post this, loved the kids expression plus the hail glow was totally complimenting, my fav Photojournalistic shot I guess!


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  1. emily 01.01.2013

    I like this image


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